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Want a special look for party or wedding? Makeup and hair by In Vogue and Vintage will add glamour and drama.

Do you long for the glamour and romance of the 20s and 30s? Or the sophistication of the 1940s? Perhaps the rock n' roll 50s are more your thing. Maybe you want a chic and daring 60s look or even a funky, glittery, glam rock 70s style. You may simply want something sophisticated and up-to-the-minute.

Whatever look you want, whether it's for a special event, party or wedding, hair and makeup created by In Vogue and Vintage will help you get it.

With a career spent in theatre and TV, I know all the tricks of the trade (I've a few of my own too). And I understand the importance of getting it right for the biggest of occasions: sometimes when there's no second chance. So, you're in the safest of hands for your special occasion: including your wedding.

Makeup and hair are as important as the clothes you choose - I'll make sure you're the star of your show.

Contact Me

Call Lynn on 07799 606406 or visit the contact page to see how I can help you.

My Promise

I use only natural based hair and makeup products to create fabulous, sophisticated styles. I've chosen products that contain no harmful ingredients or harsh chemicals, and it goes without saying they're not tested on animals.